Why use a forwarding agent?

why use a forwarding agent?




When it comes to choosing a forwarding agent it’s always worthwhile remembering that sacrificing service for price could turn out to be false economy. After all it’s your reputation that’s on the line if your customer doesn’t receive his or her goods when and where they were promised.

Experts in exporting and importing
Unless you have a dedicated export or import department it’s usually wise to employ a reliable forwarding agent to take care of your forwarding requirements.

Not only do we have the necessary networks to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo to its destination but we are always aware of all relevant regulations you need to comply with and the documentation required.


Develop a long-term relationship
If importing or exporting is a major part of your business, it’s worth developing an on-going relationship with a forwarding agent you can trust and rely on.

You can consider Cyprus Global Logistics as an extension of your own company. We are, in effect delivering your customer service promise and can be the difference between your overseas customer/supplier having a good or bad memory of your company’s level of service and professionalism.

Work together on exports
Involve your forwarding agent as soon as possible in the transaction – ideally before you promise a deadline and package the goods. This means that you can obtain advice on the best way to send your delivery to its destination taking into account both costs and deadlines.


What to look for in a forwarding agent
Unfortunately there is no legislation to prevent anyone setting up in business and calling themselves a ‘Forwarding Agent’. As a result it’s not always easy to find a good forwarding agent out of the many out there, but here are a few pointers to help you avoid the common pitfalls:


> Choose a forwarding agent for the right reasons – many are chosen for cost, location or habit, rather than their ability to deliver your cargo

> Are their facilities secure – do they collect goods from your premises using secure and appropriately fully insured means of transport? Do they use protected warehousing facility to store goods until dispatch? Important points to consider if you ever have to claim for loss or damage


> Do they understand your needs – can they respond to your specific service and cost requirements, which may change with each consignment?

> Proven track record – for peace of mind, it’s often worthwhile choosing an agent with a proven track, which has the expertise to represent your best interests in the long run

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